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Hello folks! How ya' doin?

Just passing by to let you know Battlegoats still going, and we have a "community goat designed" going on! we would love to see your ideas on what would you like to see next on our game!

We're astonished by the amount of people passing by, and staying for hours eager to play one more game! all you guys are making this possible, thank you!

Please if you find yourself courious, just sneak peek what's going on here
Hello pals!

I've been working really hard the past months on a project called BattleGoats!

Check it ou!…

Thank you so much! Hope you're doing great pals,

Hello my friends!

I'm here to let you know what you for sure might want to have a peek :) my talented neightbor akaibelier is taking comissions!

For further information you can go here…

See ya there!


Bullet; Red Character Sketch $10 Ex.

Bullet; Red Character LineArt $20 Ex.

Bullet; Red Character FullColored $35 Ex.

Bullet; Red Character Render FullColored $45 Ex.…

Bullet; Red Character bust $20 Ex.

Slots Available
1. :star: Kervala

2. :star: Zeartist

3. :star: Turbulence1973

4. :star: Turbulence1973

5. :star: Turbulence1973

6. :star: Turbulence1973

7. :star:  DORMWORLD

8. :star: Quel2many

9. No Star 

10. No Star 

You can always ask for any other option you have in mind :)

Bullet; Red Character Sketch $10 Ex.

Bullet; Red Character LineArt $20 Ex.

Bullet; Red Character FullColored $35 Ex.

Bullet; Red Character Render FullColored $45 Ex.…

Bullet; Red Character bust $20 Ex.

Slots Available
Hello there my friends!

Even without understanding how it works, I did a so I'm going spoil things there, so feel free and welcome to use strong language and shout obscenities there :)
Hello there! I'm opening the old good portrait comissions, $5 each and there will be only 10 slots available

Payment will be via paypal sent to, and in the description send your Deviantart Username.


:star-half: - Turbulence1973
Robado de MatiasSoto/Stolen from MatiasSoto

On :iconspotandshade: we're thinking on creating new illustrations for sellings as prints on conventions and online.
What characters or tv shows/movies/books/comics/manga/etc would you like to see done by us?

If you are on facebook, check out our page there:…


En :iconspotandshade: estamos pensando en hacer ilustraciones para vender como posters en convenciones y online.
¿Que personajes o series de tv/peliculas/libros/comics/manga/etc. les interesaría ver retratados por nosotros?

Si andan por Facebook, revisen nuestra pagina:…
Hello there fellas!

Me and my fellow mates YayoArellano and MatiasSoto are proud to announce our brand new studio :iconspotandshade:

Please feel free to take a look and support us at our facebook group…

Thank you so much ya all guys! hope to have some more news soon!


:bulletred: Character Sketch $10 Ex.

:bulletred: Character LineArt $15 Ex.

:bulletred: Character FullColored $25 Ex.

:bulletred: Character Render FullColored $35 Ex.…

:bulletred: Character bust $10 Ex.

Slots Available

:star: DemonPea

:star: Lineage 2 character

:star: Dota 2


I had open some spots for $10 bust comissions, any interested? :)

see some examples here…
Hello Fellas,

How ya doing? my apologies to my new watchers, I've been slacking a lot in terms of updates lately, and the same goes for the old friends around here, so sorry!

I've been working kinda crazy this last months I barely find time for some fun, but I promise to do more stuff and share here :)

btw! new year is aproaching and with it new frontiers, wishes and hopes, I can say this was a good year for me, and I'm really hope you can say the same as well :D but it's not only what it is, but what it will be! I wish this next year is a year of achieved projects, filled cups and warm hearts <3

Hope you're doing well guys, and even more start this year with the right foot!

see ya!
I had open some more spots for $5 bust comissions, any interested? :)

see some examples here
Hey buddies!

I'm opening bust comissions for $5!

Reserve yours now!
Any animator in the house?
Hello fellas,

For the ones who play WoW TDC check out this
Hi everyone, here goes a list of prices and a little faq I did, because it is time to make things more clear, so I decided to do some notes about it :)


:bulletred: Character Sketch $10 Ex.……

:bulletred: Character LineArt $15 Ex.…

:bulletred: Character FullColored $25 Ex.……

:bulletred: Character illustration $40……

Slots Available

:star: Gknight13






:bulletred:  Why do you only do characters ilustration?

As a character designer, I found it easier to design characters, costumes, armor and stuff, but I'm not used to makeing landscapes and backgrounds, that takes me time, and will increase the price of the illustration

:bulletred:  Which kind of design do you do?

I can do any type of char design, all I ask is please think what you are going to ask for before ordering an illustration, the advice as i can give is think well what you would like to ask, is the better way that i can do the most closer design of what you were looking for

:bulletred:  What about if I want another kind of Comission? Like if I want to add more chars to the image, or any other stuff?

Sure, but that kind of things are discussed with me personally, for the simply reason that things change betwen designs
Hi there guys! the ctmod team is releasing a beta version of the site:

Our site is currently in a beta phase of development, we would gladly appreciate any feedback about our site. If you see something that doesn't work, an area you think could be improved upon, or something you'd like to let us know about; please send in a contact message from the button at the top of the page.

We will read every comment so please let us know what you think and what we can do to improve our site and your experience.

Amanda linus on stores!

Sat Feb 26, 2011, 11:51 AM

Les presento el nuevo libro de Mario García.…

Para los amantes del suspeno y algo de terror, recomendado :)

Aca les va una reseña:

"La novela se titula "Amanda Linus y el asesino invisible". Es una historia juvenil que narra las aventuras de una niña de 13 años, la mencionada Amanda, que acaba de mudarse de Los Ángeles,Estados Unidos, a Cádiz, España. Y ese viaje va a cambiar su vida más de lo que ella piensa.
Amanda es una chica superdotada, extremadamente inteligente y con un ego más grande quela torre Eiffel. Es una genio, o al menos ella piensa eso de sí misma, y con un carácter un poco agresivo y salvaje, no en vano tiene una sociopatía diagnosticada. Así que es una asesina en serie en potencia. Una especie de Hannibal Lecter pero en femenino y con 13 añitos.
Y sobre esta chica recaerá un poder tremendo. Amanda descubrirá tras presenciar unos cuantos asesinatos inexplicables que ella es una bruja y que hay otro ser invisible, imperceptible, que está intentando inculparla de esos crímenes."

PD:. ...y si, la caratula es mia :D

Starcraft WoL question

Thu Feb 17, 2011, 4:10 AM

Which of you are actually playing Starcraft 2 in US server?

Edit:. My SC2 number is 332